Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This photo shows that I have zero vanity (and possibly no pride), but it might help you remember that we are participating in a helmetliner program for the soldiers in Afghanistan. You need to go to Tari's website:
and print out the pattern. You will need a 16 inch circular in both a 6 and an 8, plus a set of doublepointeds in 8...dependent on your swatch. Gauge is paramount for these as they need to be tightly fitting under the helmet. They also
have to be made of all wool; even partial acrylic or nylon additives will disqualify their use because they will burn/melt on the skin. We have lots of black GALWAY and tan and chocolate superwash from Cascade which we will sell to you at a discount when you sign up for the program. If you are finding yourself in a financial tight spot, BROWN SHEEP sent us some heathered tan as a gift for the program. I initially intended to order their superwash but they were so very quickly honest to disclose that use a petrochemical process to generate their superwash, making it unsuitable for the liners for our soldiers. Kudos to them for their honesty and generosity, providing us with 8 pounds of a heathered tan. Special thanks also to Nancy H who helped me wind most of it and still managed to maintain her good humor.

HOLY COW! It's election day in Massachusetts. I went to my polling site with a highly inflated sense of responsibility, knowing that the eyes of the nation were on
us today. I'm so over it now.

This darn snow today makes me want to knit more than just
helmetliners, and the mail and the UPS shipments brought some small project temptations:

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