Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We have received sets of limited edition scissors from Wichelt Distributing. Now you can keep a pair with every project. Don't tell me that you only work on one thing at a time. These photographed lighter than they appear in person. They are a near black and come in a lovely faux velvet presentation case. It's part of their celebration of forty years of business in our industry. The set is only $42.

With this heat, our knitters are looking for smaller projects that don't fill their laps. We have received a shipment of PUNTA hand dyed sock yarn (463 yards of washable Merino and Nylon). These will also make lovely shawls, and we have two skeins of each color, should you wish to make more than a shawlette.

I'm knitting a jacket composed of 14 different yarns, and I've reached the "too much in my lap" point, so I shifted my attention to one of the pieces of my large Shelly Tribbey nativity set. I hit the wall right after dinner last night. The compensation of the Oriental Stitch in an eight thread by about 30 thread patch did me in. There was absolutely no mental capacity that I was able to draw upon to get me through it. I'm blaming it on low blood sugar, having tackled it immediately after dinner. Maybe you're supposed to wait a half an hour after a meal before stitching?

Saturday, July 17, 2010


As most of you already know, I cooperate with some other yarn shop owners on a private list. We periodically organize little trunk shows. The people who agree to participate put in one or two items, one of the participants of the show organizes it and sends it off on a tour of the US.

It's here! If you are left handed, click on the left photo and conversely if you are right handed. How well did you follow directions?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Be the first to come in and pick out your new DICHROIC GLASS NEEDLEMINDER. These magnets are strong enough for a plethora of needles, and if you opt for the larger magnet in the back, it will take care of your scissors. I, of course, was playing with them, and realized I was missing one on the board. When I went into the office my metallic necklace slammed up against the metal front of the desk drawer. The lost was found. Some days it is clear that I need a keeper! I need to redo that display. It looks like it needs help.

Here's a close up of one of them. My camera really had trouble focusing on it. Now that I look at it, I can see that it picked the surface of the stretcher bar as its focal point, and not the glass button.

Don't forget that you can click on these images to make them BIGGER!

And, if you come soon, there are still Twizzlers and Starbursts left from Saturday night. Apparently someone thought we needed more sugar! YUM!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Saturday, July 10, was our first "All Day Stitch-In (and into the night)". Cindy M. announced that she was ready to make a photographic record of the day...which prompted me to go get my camera. I looked across the table and saw a strange accessory on the Dazor lamp.

I saw what we in Massachusetts call a "Wicked Good Idea"!
All of Cindy's threads were bagged, placed on a ring AND hooked onto the lower arm of the lamp, just where one can easily access them. (Cindy M is on the left and Linda T. is on the right)

And then the cameras were put aside and forgotten. No more pictures! We had a really good time and lots of food. We had Dunken Donuts doughnut holes first (breakfast of champions), pizza for lunch, a beautiful fruit platter from Donelan's in the afternoon, and we went off site to Daniela's Cantina in Nagog Plaza for dinner. Then it was back to work for the evening. We accomplished a lot and shared lots of laughs. You all missed a really good time. Watch the newsletter for the announcement on the next one.

Saturday, July 3, 2010



Here we go - the longest trunk show ever at TWIS. These beautifully stitched and finished models are from ROSEWOOD MANOR. Karen Kluba will be sending three more pieces when she gets them back from her model stitchers. Phebe Warner Quilt, My Token of Love and My Two Ducks will be coming later.

Why are we so lucky to have it so long? Someone who was signed up for the July slot was unable to follow through, so we gained an extra month. The show will be here through Saturday, August 28.

The pieces came encased in seven oversized (by UPS standards) boxes. The next show site is half way across Pennsylvannia. I can probably drive it to the next location for half of what it will cost to ship it.

Anyone up for a 13 hour ride in the truck? I promise to give you your choice of books on CD for entertainment!

OOPS! Blogger is preventing me from inserting the other photographs. I'll just open a new post. Two posts in one day - that's a record!