Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Saturday, July 10, was our first "All Day Stitch-In (and into the night)". Cindy M. announced that she was ready to make a photographic record of the day...which prompted me to go get my camera. I looked across the table and saw a strange accessory on the Dazor lamp.

I saw what we in Massachusetts call a "Wicked Good Idea"!
All of Cindy's threads were bagged, placed on a ring AND hooked onto the lower arm of the lamp, just where one can easily access them. (Cindy M is on the left and Linda T. is on the right)

And then the cameras were put aside and forgotten. No more pictures! We had a really good time and lots of food. We had Dunken Donuts doughnut holes first (breakfast of champions), pizza for lunch, a beautiful fruit platter from Donelan's in the afternoon, and we went off site to Daniela's Cantina in Nagog Plaza for dinner. Then it was back to work for the evening. We accomplished a lot and shared lots of laughs. You all missed a really good time. Watch the newsletter for the announcement on the next one.

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