Saturday, July 3, 2010


Here we go - the longest trunk show ever at TWIS. These beautifully stitched and finished models are from ROSEWOOD MANOR. Karen Kluba will be sending three more pieces when she gets them back from her model stitchers. Phebe Warner Quilt, My Token of Love and My Two Ducks will be coming later.

Why are we so lucky to have it so long? Someone who was signed up for the July slot was unable to follow through, so we gained an extra month. The show will be here through Saturday, August 28.

The pieces came encased in seven oversized (by UPS standards) boxes. The next show site is half way across Pennsylvannia. I can probably drive it to the next location for half of what it will cost to ship it.

Anyone up for a 13 hour ride in the truck? I promise to give you your choice of books on CD for entertainment!

OOPS! Blogger is preventing me from inserting the other photographs. I'll just open a new post. Two posts in one day - that's a record!

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