Friday, March 11, 2011


...and UPS and Fed Ex rushed to TWIS delivering surprises. Yes, I do remember ordering these tote bags and canvases, but the sudden convergence today still took me by surprise.

It does look as though I have a stitch commitment in the first picture, but until I get it done, it serves as a selling tool for a line of canvases whereby you can have a short name or expression spelled out for you in whatever style you like. I have another TWIS canvas from another painter that I will share with you on another day. The color of the tote is hot pink and the canvases shown on the turquoise bag could go on the pink bag.

The lime green bag with the flower canvas tied on the front is a lunch bag, or a small summer purse.

The red and black bags are from a different vendor and are self finishing for your canvas insertion. The vendor provided me with an updated catalog of needlepoint canvases that you might choose to fit in your bag. These two bags are different styles, and you need to come in and see the interiors.


  1. Randi......Love this tote....would my 7" x 7" designs fit the opening? The colors are wonderful! Good find......
    The bright colors are just great!
    ~ Jody

  2. Hi Jody!
    There are no openings on the brightly colored totes. The finished piece, following blocking and trimming with a twist or some other edging, gets slip stitched right to the fabric.

    The black and red bags have to have rectangular pieces for insertion into the "spots"

    These pieces were all "discovered" at the Long Beach TNNA show.