Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Every time I get new yarn, I proclaim it is the most beautiful yarn that we have ever received. 

I'll try to qualify this purchase in a different manner.

This is the most beautiful silk and wool we have ever received! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012


 The AC trunk show will be here all month but you really need to get here soon because the pieces are just scooting out of here! It is a large show; it's so large that I knew I couldn't handle standing up all day to hang it, so I called in some slave labor, and David came in to do it. I told him that there were lots and to hang them tightly. David is quite literal, and they are indeed overlapped. Now that some are gone, I will be able to do a bit of spreading out and will later take some more pictures. In the interim, here are some that can be seen in entirety:
Since Nativity sets are my passion, I'll start there. Above is the Holy Family from Heartstrings, each piece having a stitch guide. Next are the men who were blessed to have a star to guide them to Bethlehem, for you know that they never would have stopped to ask for directions.
Lastly are some other beloved guests who witnessed the great event.
 This section of the display has ornaments featuring our best friends:
Don't forget that you can click on these for a better view. I'll spread some more out and take some more pictures for you tomorrow afternoon. I'm headed down to Wrentham tomorrow morning to meet one of my eBay consignors and to do some outlet shopping.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


RUFFLE YARN WITH BOOBLES ON EDGE  in Rust, Teal, English Rose and Purple/Blue. The little boobles are small and subtle on this yarn.
FLAGRANT RUFFLES with subtle metallic; shown is the rust with blue, or choose Green/Teal, Black with silver or Black with gold.
 ELEGANT but narrower RUFFLES - available in White w/gold, Black w/gold, Purple w/silver or the pictured Red with gold. Note the little sequin that appears.
FREE CLASS- Choose from either Saturday, Nov. 10 at 3PM  or Sunday, Nov. 18 at 1PM. The price of admission is the purchase of ANY of our skeins of ruffling yarns.
Please call at 978-486-8330 during business hours to register. We will ask you for a credit card number to ensure that you attend as promised.  


Sorry that their picture is a little dark. This is the black/brown/grey/white color way of this luxuriously long scarf. We also have a red/grey/black/white one and a two-toned turquoise with purple one.
Come early for the best selection and instant gratification.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Join us for an afternoon, learn the basics of crocheting, relax and enjoy yourself, and make a charming, easy scarf that you can wear, or give to someone special as a gift.

Our instructor and yarn addict, Laura Chalifoux, has specially designed this unique project – and some special tips and tricks – to teach you how to successfully crochet, and end up with a quick, attractive project that’s fun to complete! 

The class is three hours long in one session, and limited to six students.  We’re offering this class on two different dates, both Sunday afternoons, just in time for holiday gifts.

Sunday, November 11:  1pm to 4pm
Sunday, December  2:  1pm to 4pm

Please choose the date that is most convenient for you.

More details are in the upcoming newsletter.


Cheryl's pillow came back from the finisher and is so very wonderful. It is stitched simply in tent stitch with a skip tent stitch background that recedes silently behind all the design elements of the pillow. Our finisher did it with an inset of fabric surrounding the needlework and put different cording/twist around the seam and the exterior. I hope she doesn't pick it up too promptly, as it makes me feel happy and summery just to look at it.

I must remember to take more pictures of finishing that comes back...for our mutual pleasure!


We are again running the highly successful FLAT FOLD FINISHING CLASS. This is a great way to finish a holiday small that will be folded flat and put away, occupying only a modicum of space, until the following year when you pull it out to display along with your other treasures.

The class will run on Saturday, Nov. 17 from 9 to 1, here in our classroom. Heidi Curtis will be teaching. Please have a small item stitched and ready to go. In order to finish in the time allotted, it needs to be no larger than 4 by 5 inches, or so. We need to have mat board cut for your pieces, so please email in or call with your measurements by November 8. You will also learn to make twisted cord edging, so please bring some extra money to class for buying your perle cotton #5 and metallic thread. We ask that it not be needlepoint, as there is no time allowed in class for blocking. You need to bring about a fat quarter of fabric to enhance your design, about 6 inches of ribbon, sewing thread and a sharp needle. We will furnish the mat board and the quilt batt. The cost of the class will be $25, and registration is not considered complete until the class fee has been paid. Please sign up soon, as space is limited.

Should you not have a piece stitched and ready for finishing, you can just bring in fabric and make it up for practise, as though it is a treasured family heirloom. 

Friday, September 7, 2012


This is why I need a stand and a lamp upstairs and downstairs. This is also the first time in 2.5 months that JACK and DASH have established this kind of intimacy without someone crying "MOM! He's bothering me!" Dash is the Russian Blue in the foreground and he's the guest. Jack is the black and white, very spoiled resident.

I have started a new cardigan and Dash has never seen dangling yarn before, so life has a new challenge.









Pieces from my STUDENTS

The first two images are of Joyce's canvas to celebrate her trip to Venice. The third image is Stephanie's interpretation of a vivid canvas. I got her started with silk ribbon and she, being an artist, went far beyond my capabilities. The bird is a work in progress by Flo. We will be doing some hot-fix crystals on those sunglasses, as soon as she finishes the top knot and the background. I printed off an image and hung it with that particular canvas from the WATERWEAVE trunk show because that piece doesn't come with a stitch guide.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Please click on the images to enlarge them. About 60 - 70% of these canvases are accompanied by stitch guides. The prices range from $30 to $180.  There is an ascending discount for multiple purchases. The first canvas is full price. The show will hang through Sept.29th. Please stop in early for the best selection. We can also mail order for those who cannot come in.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012



Friday, August 3, 2012


Click on the picture to enlarge, and then run right in for the up close and personal approach. The show will be here through September 8.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


We have darling new spring-feeling models and charts from JBW Designs. Yes, the little Christmas ornaments are a year round delight. Be sure to examine the ruffled ribbon trim on some of the ornaments.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


We have a small trunk show of Debbie Rowley's pieces. These are counted needlepoint and are very amazing. Please come visit. One of them leaves on April 10, as she needs it for a class that she is teaching, but the remainder will be here at least through the end of April. You will love doing these. The stitches are amazing and I promise that you will get all jazzed up about working on these and will finish them, as they are very compelling.

CLICKY CLICKY CLICKY as you will want to see the detail.


We have a loving pair of pigeons at our building. I know that some of you consider them to be flying rats. I, on the other hand, have read several novels that included glimpses into lives of people who maintained coops and raced their pigeons, and I was fascinated. These two built nests last year under the green canopy that had become torn and afforded them access. The canopy is now gone and they have used some pretty poor judgement and made a nest atop the window frame downstairs.

While these new canvases are not pigeons, they are birds of "another color" . These are for people who raise exotics or who have a soft spot in their hearts for chickens. Don't forget that you can do a clicky to enlarge this image.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MIXING MY METAPHORS - or something!

I earned credits with Flo this afternoon - I tatted some trim for her frog's brassiere. That boobie on the left could probably have used another picot.
We will be making a boa tomorrow of some eyelash yarn. I hope it doesn't overpower my picots. I only make understated picots, apparently.