Monday, March 25, 2013

Surprise article in the LOWELL SUN

Next time someone stops in for an interview, I'll ask that the photographer comes back on another day so that I can get a haircut and locate my make-up bag!

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Not only my byline, but that of my mother AND my sister. Make that read BUYline! Now that we have given up high heels, we have turned our attention to Coach bags. (It's always something, isn't it?)

This canvas just arrived today and it is $75.00
Love it!!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


This grouping has dolls that can be finished as little stand-ups, or filled with shot to be canvas weights. The horizontal rectangular animal  pieces are intended to be canvas weights, or perhaps as objects of delight for some child. All have stitch guides.

I can hear the question now:  What is a canvas weight?
Sometimes you need to use both hands to handle threads. You place the mounted canvas on a table or counter surface allowing the place where you wish to work to protrude out beyond the table. To keep it firmly in place and prevent it from tumbling onto the floor, you use the canvas weight in lieu of a book. Using a book is gauche, but a necessity until you create a canvas weight made from a needlepoint canvas. It's a rite of passage!




 I took advantage of the quiet snowy day and unpacked and hung the TRUNK SHOW from ROSEWOOD MANOR. We have the new pieces first shown last weekend at the NASHVILLE MARKET.  We have all the Valdani color packs in cotton and silk and the Barnwood Button sets to support the charts that call for those unusual components. There are discounts on the color packs and the button sets that are available for a short time only. The discount expires on March 15. After that, the prices go back to regular retail levels. The show will be available through April 6. 

 I am smitten by the flag shown in this picture on the left. I happened to bring my needlepoint flag that I am working on to work today and I will put it in yet another post today. I think I will need to buy "OLD GLORY" as a companion to my needlepoint piece. All enablers please say AYE!

For people who are not familiar with the work of Rosewood Manor's owner and designer, Karen Kluba  is a very popular designer of cross stitch pieces. As you can see from the pictures of the trunk show, most of her pieces are stylistically samplers. She has a huge body of work and we can still attain copies of some of her older pieces. Her tree sampler pieces are close to my heart.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


While I do try to buy sensibly with certain customer's tastes in mind, sometimes I fall off that wagon! I have a current avid interest in Americana images. I can only hope that I find that some of my customers feel the same way.

 This canvas is an adaptation of the work of Warren Kimble, Vermont folk artist. The adaptation is by Cooper Oaks.
This particular piece is one of a series of four pieces representing the four seasons. Don't you just love those house-eating trees?
 Hook, line and sinker on this one, another piece inspired by Mr. Kimble. I'm not sure if it was the Holstein that did me in or the black and white kitty. One of my students is going to get this, but I wanted to share it with you before it went to her house.

These almost made me swoon too! Click on this one to make it larger. If you are interested in any one of them, I do have individual pictures. Please address any questions to me at my email:  twisinc  at  comcast  dot net.

All five are from EWE AND EYE & FRIENDS. The friend who inspired the red house is Anne Tavoletti and the other four pieces are adaptations of the work of Blakely Wilson.

There will be more pictures later. I need to go tend the store.