Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I no sooner got home from market with this attractive, multipocketed tote when we had an email from della Q saying they were sold out on these bags and accessories with this print. There is now a three month (or so) wait for more, so either buy it now, or get your order in the queue.

Little gems for you. We have three separate hardware sets and instructions for these darling little NONI felted bags. Don't you need to do a wedding bag or a unique evening bag? Don't forget that we have lots of sizes and colors of beads!

As you saw last season, I have a weakness for all things MAGGIE of Ireland, who does extremely creative knitwear. Since you don't want to see someone else walking down the street in your scarf/shawl choice, opt for a Maggie design, as they are very special.

Yesterday I received a pile of patterns from one of our distributors. Some of them are very basic generic patterns, but I picked out these two as being particularly interesting.

I finally bought myself a Falkenburg kit over which I have lusted for over 15 years. It uses a size 2 needle, so it will be a bit before you see it on me, but I'm sure that you will see it "around"!

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