Thursday, February 27, 2014

RUSH FOR DENISE - short time show!

That would be RUSH for DENISE DeRUSHA! Better? I've never met her, but she must have an amazing sense of humor as evidenced by some of these canvases. Please click on each to enlarge.

The 12 pieces on the right are the monthly FEET PEOPLE. I'd have them finished as standups with more feet underneath. The alternative would be to have them mounted for framing; have one frame and swap out the images for each month.

The frame opening at the top needs to coincide with the waist of the feet people. The images are all about 4.75 inches on a side
and the price point is $55. 

The PARTY PETS are a hoot! If you here in person, you might hear them described as PAHRTY PETS! The bunny eating the chocolate bunny might give someone momentary pause, but not us!

These cuties are on 18 count mono canvas, as are all the other pieces here from her.  These designs all measure 5 inches on a side and are $66.00

I'm not really into Cinco de Mayo, but I know that many of you adore this theme. The 6 pieces in this series are the same size and price as the Party Animals.

Tomorrow I'll do another selection from Denise's collection. These are only here through March 15 - a 2 weeker! If you can't get in, please call during business hours and we can hide things away for you, or mail them. Customer's choice!

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