Tuesday, March 18, 2014


How did I miss these three yesterday?

Monday, March 17, 2014

More of the NEEDLE CROSSINGS Trunk Show

Sweet little Christmas windows are $36 and measure just over 4 inches on a side. I wouldn't like to incur the maintenance on a painted lady, but stitching one would be fun!
Celebrate the four seasons with these decorated doors. These are on 18 count and are $48, measuring about 3.5 inches on a side. 

Don't forget that you can click on any of these images and enlarge them.

These three marvels of the sea are on 13 count and are $50 each.

These houses are brick covers or door stops.  You can have them finished with weighted styrofoam so they are not as heavy as with a brick, and they could be great book-ends. She sent lots of brick covers.
These elaborate houses are $100.

Here are some more brick covers, each of which are $90. If you don't relish your  crab crawling on the tablecloth, maybe you would enjoy the one that is on the wall with the crab on a shell-strewn net.

Shown at left are about half of the houses that she sent, most of which are on 18 count mono. Most of them are about $56. Please come and see them, or call and ask for particulars.

Oh, yes! I forgot to tell you that she does lots of light-
houses, on both 13 and 18 count. This particular
batch on the right happen to all be on 18 and are $56, measuring about 5 by 7 inches.

I don't know about you, but I think that her prices are astonishing for the quality of her painting. 
Please don't miss this opportunity.

These two, Watch Hill (RI) and Chatham (MA) are larger in scale and are on 13 count mono. Their prices are $72.

Click to "embiggen"!
This is my favorite! Dogs in the convertible at the beach. How cute is this?!? $56  On 18 count.

This is only the tip of the iceburg. The show is only here until the end of the month, so hurry!

NEEDLE CROSSINGS Trunk Show - Our Special Friends

This trunk show is from Needles Crossings of Cape May, NJ. Not only is she an animal lover, as you will see when you come to survey the collection that she sent, she shows off that of which Cape May is proud: beaches and Victorian houses.

We have a lot of  kitties, all STITCH-PAINTED, as are ALL her canvases, on 13 and 18 count mono canvas. If it is on 13, but you wish to have 18 count or vice versa, please let us know. The kitties on 13 are $72 and the ones on 18 are $56. Many of these are cats that she has loved and cared for.

This would be a loving tribute to your veterinarian. It is on 18 count  and is $130.
It measures just over 5 by 17 inches. 

The "Duck Walk" is on 13 count and is $88.

Look who is waiting for Santa!
They are both on 13 count and are $40. They measure 3 inches in diameter.