Monday, April 21, 2014


New England celebrates the BOSTON MARATHON today and supports their favorite teams!

Monday, April 14, 2014


At the age of four, my son David developed a small hernia that required a surgical repair. We were in the surgeon's examining room for the preop examination. The doctor was listening to Dave's heart and turned to me and quietly asked if he might be hearing a murmur. David blurted out rather angrily "There's no mermaid in there!"

I had received a box of the newly published Claire Murray "Nantucket Inspirations: Designs, Charts and Folklore". The box had been opened to ascertain that the number of books agreed with the packing slip and they were waiting to be ticketed with the book code. David was eleven at the time and clearly was losing his verbal abilities because he called out to me in my office "Mom! Why do you have the books of BABES?"

You can see why it was imperative that I order the "Mermaid Flag" from The Collection!