Saturday, June 14, 2014


 While I truly love the bias-cut silk ribbon from River Silks, and therefore carry many 4 mm. and a few sevens, I was SEDUCED by the MONTANO SERIES of 3.5 mm. from TREENWAY SILKS.  Just feast your eyes on these beauties. 
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Canvases come and canvases go, and sometimes it just isn't as easy as it ought to be! The BIRDS OF A FEATHER shipment arrived and
I kept moving them from my desk to the classroom and then back to my desk, and finally I sat down on the floor and took their pictures. I guess I have to sell them, but I really love a couple of these! 

This first one is AUTUMN ORCHARD, 8 by 10 inches on 13 count mono, $114.  
Be Still My Heart - oh, no - That is not its name. This is BOX GARDEN, 9 by 10 on 13, $110.

I don't need to rue selling this one, as I stitched it years ago in counted cross stitch. I always thought  it would be a good gift for a college graduate, but with job finding so difficult, you probably shouldn't do so. 
9 5/8 by 8 3/8 inches, 13m, $139.  

 This is COLIBRI which is a genus for hummingbird. I want you to read my next post on blogspot to see all the delicious new hand-dyed silk ribbons that arrived that would be perfect for this!!!!
6 by 8 on 13, $75.
Here we are, the well-dressed Minutemen. It is called GOD BLESS AMERICA and it is 6.25 by 6 on 13, $84.

If you are a special customer and a subscriber, you know how to do the financial conversion on these prices TODAY ONLY!!!!