Saturday, June 14, 2014


 While I truly love the bias-cut silk ribbon from River Silks, and therefore carry many 4 mm. and a few sevens, I was SEDUCED by the MONTANO SERIES of 3.5 mm. from TREENWAY SILKS.  Just feast your eyes on these beauties. 
Don't forget to click to 
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  1. Hi Randi! Great to see you posting. These ribbons are truly wonderful to work with. Do you have Judith Montano's Floral Embroidery book in your library? It's also wonderful.

  2. And so beautifully arranged! What a nice little spinner...not that I notice these things . Wow, I can see doing a field of flowers in a couple of these lovelies! Or from your second picture, some lavender in one of Sharon G's lavender pieces...