Saturday, November 29, 2014

New colors and patterns from JOJOLAND

 I sold through on the colors of the cowl model, so I reordered those and added a new pair of colors, which didn't photograph very well. They contain blue, teal, rose and purple! 

 Then, because I had looked at the three patterns we had purchased and wanted more stimulation (was bored), I bought some new patterns, also.
On the left is a simple lace pattern for a scarf, called TEAL FOREST. You could be a smarty pants and do a provisional cast on and later join the two ends for an infinity scarf or cowl. As shown, 2 balls will create fabric that is 9 by 56 inches.

 I love this one! I think my middle name should have been MITER! As shown, you can use 4 balls of one color, or 6 balls if you are using two different colors. I'm going to do this, as soon as I finish my secret project! You know it will be autumn colors!

This is another easy lace pattern that takes only two balls. The project yield will be 7 by 53 inches.

I would never name a pattern DUCKWEED. That is the little plant that proliferates in ponds when there is a high level of phosphates present. Nonetheless, I couldn't resist the texture created in this scarf design. Again, it is a 2 ball project and will result in a scarf that measures 8 by 50.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Therapy Cats

My friend's mother is in a rehab center in Northborough, and look who comes to visit!?!
We had a gentleman come by on Thursday wanting to give massages. I'd rather have kitties!

Friday, November 14, 2014


This was a teaching project for this designer, and now it will be released to us for retail sales in January. You will have three options:

1. Buy the booklet
2. Participate in a stitch-a-long, available only to people who know what they are doing and are joining the group to share the needlework love, and to have a glass of wine, coffee, tea and a cookie or two. Will meet every other week to encourage progress. This is not a teaching situation, but is a social one. Small fee will be incurred.
3. Class situation - class will meet weekly and you will pay standard weekend class rates. This will be a guided, teaching situation.

I don't know the size of this piece yet, nor how many techniques are included, but the piece looked like none of us will be bored with it. Doing the piece will have nominal expense. Materials will be stretcher bars, Congress cloth and three weights of perle cotton. Start thinking about whether you want white or eggshell. I'm going to glitz mine up with a little gold metallic on my ecru.

You will want to email me about your druthers:  twisinc  at comcast  dot  net

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


While these might not be the cutest thing we have ever sold, they might be the most colorful. (Customers rank the current cutest thing to be "The Last Stitch Cemetary" cross stitch chart by Hinzeit) This unique packaging presents one ounce skeins of five colors, totaling a yardage of 230 yards of superwash merino wool. They have a gauge of 4-5 per inch with a needle range of 7 - 9 inches. 
(Kit # from l to r: 27, 8, 3, 30, and 29.

If you are hooked, you may want to download the pattern
shown to the right from this URL:
This little url will take you directly to the free pattern on Frabjous Fiber's web site. Be patient as it took me a while to download and print my copy.

The cowl that is bottom left and the one on the right can each be made from the contents of one of these bags of 5 skeins.

The early bird gets the worm. I only have two bags of each

Thursday, November 6, 2014



We have the choice of three patterns and  quite a number of hand dyed multicolors to use for the patterns. You can get these finished by Christmas.

The LEAF COLLECTION is our model and it takes just three balls each of two different color ways at a yarn expense of $42.

The SHELL SHAWL takes 9 balls of one color, or pick and mix your choice.

The TANGRAM COWL takes four balls each of two colors.


If you have the doldrums from the rain and chill, come on in and warm up your soul with these canvases:

The show remains here until the end of November. Come early for the best selection!