Wednesday, November 4, 2015


 I see fabulous creations weekly from the customer base, and I chronically forget to document these awesome works. I'm showing you Mary's fabulous Highland Duo jacket that two other people also made, then there are three shots of Ellie's little stand-up blue Santa, two tote ornaments from Jean, the DOG MOM pillow from Cheryl...who also did the amazing Swar. crystal bedecked tree top star. The next is Howard's scarf crocheted with a beautiful SW wool. I am sneaking in at the end with my framed apples.


SURPRISE! There is another trunk show, this from an old favorite, ARTISTS COLLECTION. AC represents quite a group of needlepoint artists, but I have asked them to only send our favorites: Mile High Princess and Pat Thode's Heartstrings. The thing that you seem to like best is that all of the Heartstring canvases come with a stitch guide at no additional charge. Some of the MHP canvases have guides, but you will only be charged at a wholesale rate for them. There is an increasing discount strata on pieces from this show. 

I haven't yet received the models, so I brought the flag from home to help you see how clever Pat's stitch guides are. Lynn hung the show for me on Tuesday and was anxious to know when I would bring "his" flag back home. 

Feast your eyes!