Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Let's BAG IT!

I discovered these beautiful Thai bags at the San Diego market and they are finally here! The small bags are made of silk and I have 5 jewel tones: purple, silver-grey, navy, hunter green and rusty red. I have singles of each except for the rusty red because...O, never mind. You know why!

 A 9 by 9 stretcher-barred needlepoint ornament will fit inside. For those with a knitterly approach, a 100 gram worsted weight skein easily fits, or two 100 gram sock yarns, with room to spare. Don't you just love the little yoyos on the front? There is a 5 inch zippered internal pocket. $22 each!

Now - let's talk about serious bags for needlework:

These are cotton and lined with interior zipper. These are the small duffle totes and I have purple and navy/turquoise. $38

NOW - WE ARE GOING SOMEWHERE! Either use these two for large project or overnight bags. If you pack wisely, it could be a three-night-bag. I have navy/turq. and (heart palpitations) RUST!  $42
(r)Black on the bottom!

(l) gusset


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