Friday, February 5, 2016

NEW - Easy knitted shawl class with a twist

Imagine a class where you can complete a shawl in one class session and learn to create this beautiful border, albeit a doll shawl. To counted thread and needlepoint people, the border looks like half of an Algerian eyelet!  Reserve your spot on Saturday, February 27 in the class that meets from 12:30 to 2:30 PM. 
Bring from home: one ball of yarn, appropriate needle for it, 2 stitch markers, a sz 2-3 long circular needle, and $36 for your choice of color for the construction of the human-sized shawl. If you need that size 2 or 3 needle, let me know well in advance of class so that we have a sufficient supply. A $20 class fee is required for registration.

Appropriate yarn for doll shawl:
A. DK wool yarn and a size 6 needle
B. Worsted wool and a 7 or 8 needle, depending on how heavy your worsted weight is. 

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