Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I have raised my nose off the grindstone and am waving for your attention. I don't know where the time went that I have not posted on the blog for well over a month. March was good and April is even more exciting. We have a new yarn for you to explore and A LOT OF NEEDLEPOINT CANVASES.

While I do try to parse out the delivery of canvases so they do not all come at the same time, I am just fooling myself that they will come when designated. Most of the designers use one painting service in the Phillipines. They wait until after the January market to place their orders so that they can be more accurate in their inventory levels. That means that all the canvases arrive at all the designers at the same time. That also meant that product that we thought would come in March has arrived in April, right along with the canvases that were ordered for April. I will do some today and more on Friday.

We had taken delivery of the solid colors of this alpaca/linen/tencel blend, LINAZA, in February, and now we have the four hand dyeds. Who knew that alpaca was going to emerge as a four season yarn?!?

I had picked up four wee canvases that each held one of the motives from this canvas, but I couldn't stop there! Someone will love to turn this Nouveau piece of art into a smashing pillow. It is stitch painted on 18 count canvas and the design is about 9 inches on a side, so you may want to make a pillow with an inset. Alternatively, our framer could turn this into a spectacular serving tray. $185

This spectacular wreath, stitch painted on 18 count mono canvas, is from Melissa Prince. If I had a foyer in my condo, I would keep this up year round. Actually, you pretty much step into the dining room and we have npt. on either side of a natural pine cone wreath that step-daughter Debbie gave us years ago that we might have to retire one of these years. I could make room for this beauty.
Don't you just love the chickadees? You can order one with robins, if you'd rather. It is 13 inches in diameter. $160

 Forgive me but I have a lemon fixation!
Lemon pie, lemon bars, lemonade with gin and now this canvas! 18 count with stitch painting from JP (Juli Poitras), this piece is 14 inches on a side and has extraordinary detail. Make sure that you click on this one. $265