Monday, April 23, 2018


Let's start with the most seductive yarn that arrived: SORATA! Just close your fingers around a hank and you too will be smitten. The composition is 70% Baby Llama and 30% silk. This fingering weight has exceptional yardage of 437 yards. The label expresses the gauge at 28 - 32  per 4 inches with needle sizes 1-3. $21

SARASOTA will be a popular one this spring at only $7.25 for 314 yards with a fiber content of 60% cotton and 40% acrylic. It is a DK meaning it will give you 5.5 inches per inch on a 5. This may be machine washed on cool and tumbled dry on low. $7.25

ULTRAPIMA FINE Peruvian Tones is a light sport with 273 yards per hank and a gauge of 24-26 across four inches using needles 3-4. This is all cotton so it may be machine washed and tumble dried if you insist on the latter. $12

My favorite is ROSLYN, a DK with 382 yards. This is a 65% Wool and 35% Silk blend with a charming quiet tweed effect. It will knit at 5.5 stitchers per inch on a 6 needle. This must be hand washed and dried flat. $16.00


Join us on June 2cnd from 1 - 4PM for a class with Mary Shey.  The cost is $60 and you need only bring a scissors and a laying tool. If you need a laying tool, we have some that you may purchase at your class discount of 10%. This class will be useful for surface embroiderers, needlepointers and counted thread people. The techniques learned are applicable to all of those media.

Please call  or visit to register. Registration is not complete until payment is made.

Sunday, July 2, 2017


THE WORLD IN STITCHES is on vacation until 10 AM Wednesday, July 12.

Upon reopening, the SUMMER hours are Wednesday - Friday, 10AM - 5 PM. Saturday hours are 10 AM - 3PM.

Friday, July 22, 2016


These are awesome! They are actual rabbit skin stitched into a pompom for use atop your hat. They have an elastic loop on the back. You sew a permanent button atop your hat, and then hook your pompom onto the button. Then you can easily remove it when you need to launder the hat.

David and Liz leave on their honeymoon on Sunday and their two kitties are coming to Grandma Nelson's house. I plan on taking one of the pompoms home to see if it makes a good cat toy. They are $8.75 each and I have four colors.

In addition, we have wee white acrylic pompoms for sewing onto rabbit sweaters and hats as bunny butts. These are only $0.60. 

I am holding everything cradled in my hand so that you can see the relative size.