Friday, July 2, 2021

Self-finishing little Leather Bags

I failed to clip the tassels to the zipper. The good news is that the tassels are not thread so they will look good for a longer period of time. There are cute little canvases stitch-painted with a repeat geometric that can be used in either color bag. The bags are 8 inches by 5.5. You may buy the bags without the canvas if you wish to do your own thing. Bags are $45 and canvases are $35.

Upcoming Needlepoint Class

This will be a counted needlepoint piece using Susan Johnson's book SIMPLE ELEGANCE. I used the back cover of the book for the image on the right because it gives you the idea of using different colors on the canvas. Don't forget that we can even start with different colors of the background canvas. I will start putting together some suggestions. 

Materials will run about $70. You can do this class with little experience. The threads are all solid round threads so you are not laying anything with a laying tool. This will be a Sunday afternoon class so that more people can take advantage of it. Tentative dates are Aug. 22, 29, Sept 12, 19 and 26. Class fee will be $75 for the five sessions. I have to know by August  1 if you are planning on taking the class and I will need a deposit of $80.


Thursday, July 1, 2021

Special Purchase / LIMITED EDITION

 Diane of LITTLE HOUSE NEEDLEWORKS is making this set available for us. It includes the chart for her logo, the 7 full skeins of Classic Colorworks hand-dyed cotton and the logo thread keep! All for $32.50. 

I have to place my order at the crack of dawn on July 12, so please email me with your order by the end of the business day Saturday, July 10,

I will order one for myself. I am kind of a no frills stitcher and I don't use a thread keep, but I might be a converted thread organizer and not run about with my threads in a jumble. Join me?


Monday, February 15, 2021

New Cross Stitch Literature, added Feb. 12


Three new titles from JBW DESIGNS:


Stitch count is 119 by 96









They are 58 by 53 and 44 x 63, respectively.

It's hard to believe that this is the seventh

 piece in this very popular series. 10.25.


58 BY 58

Her 'in the round' pieces have been best sellers. I only wish we had obtained this earlier, but there will be another Valentine opportunity next year, or anytime you wish to present this sweet piece to someone. $10.25

This punny little needlebook is from HANDS ON.

The needlebook is 79 by 77 and the little spool fob is 17 by 23. The needles and spool charms are in the chartpack. $12.50.


 HOP ON INN is 71 by 74 and is printed on 

both sides of a card. $6.25.







Row- Piece in back, 97 x 50

Deer - 104 x 49 , $10.50


I would need to stitch a lot of these for gift giving. It is exactly how a feel about lots of my customers!  107 by 69

We have some Old Stationary linen coming in 32 count that will be perfect for this. $ 10.50

We do Christmas every single month of the year because some things take time to get finished. Of course, this came from France on a slow boat, caught in customs. Change the second zero to a one. 83 by 249, $14.50

This is a reprint from 2013, out of season but much awaited!  171 x 191  $9.50

There are more, but you need to come and visit.

I think I have a new boyfriend in Canada!

 He makes amazing shawl and scarf pins and sticks...and buttons (without holes if asked). I'll just bet you can figure out what I did with the buttons, some E6000 and some magnets.

I have two of each of the types of wood needle minders, except for the cherry one at the bottom of the picture. There is only one of those. I believe it was a gift, but I will share.
Don't forget to click on these to enlarge them. The one on the right is like a feather.
This is the size of the shawl pins. I don't know if this might be a cedar waxwing or a female cardinal. He identifies the type of exotic wood but not the bird. We do have a MA bird, the chickadee, in the collection.

Thursday, February 4, 2021



32 Count - (top down)

Poinsettia, Butternut

36 Count - 

Thesbe, Butternut, Cecil, Old 

Stationary and Dusty Road

40 Count

Poinsettia, Dusty Road, Bees Knees

Thesbe and Boston


FAT QUARTER except for 40 count which is a FAT EIGHTH.

Call with your reservations! 



Wednesday, February 3, 2021

New book coming - Accepting PRE-ORDERS

  60 Quick Knit Blanket Squares is the newest book in the 60 Quick Knit series. There are 60 squares to choose from to mix or match for your own Knit-A-Long or to teach new techniques. All of the squares are shown in our favorite Cascade 220 Merino SW. The patterns tell the approximate yardage for each square to make it easier to know just how much yarn will be required. There are sample layouts and several options for borders included. The book will be $17.95 plus your share of the shipping expense based on the number of books ordered. It is anticipated that the books will be available in the middle of March. Please call or email your order to  twisinc at comcast dot net.