Thursday, February 25, 2010


I'm in the bottom of the ninth inning on this project and I don't want it to end. I sense that I am stitching more slowly to "make it last". I really want to knit a couple of things, but the compulsion to continue on with some counted needlepoint is really strong. I wonder if I could find my Portra ODYSSEY which is only 5% completed!?!

Tomorrow will be a big counted cross day, as a lot of the new literature from the trade show should be arriving. I'll have to process it fast because tomorrow night is LAST FRIDAY and attendees will want to have access to it. I'd like to just put the boxes out, and sit down and work on OH MY STARS! but that would not be appropriate behavior.

Here's some quickie alpaca/cotton at 4/inch that I could use and just fly through a garment, but there is another color coming and I can't remember what it is and what if I would start something and the missing color would come in and I would like it better? Take a deep breath! It's not a Mona Lisa!

More people ask after Jack than inquire about other members of my family. I am ashamed to reveal that Jack runs our household. He has certain activities that he enjoys when he is not resting. When the need to be massaged arises, he heads directly for The Big Guy's lap and stretches out and the massage magically commences. When that lap goes to bed, the second-best lap option is taken. I'm sure that at least 10% of the stitches taken in OH MY STARS involved the thread draping across Jack's side, gathering up some of that other luxury fiber, cat fluff. It's going to take a four hour session with the Dazor and a tweezer to remove all the cat hair before framing.

The FLAT FOLD FINISHING CLASS was an amazing success. Everyone in class seemed to be quite pleased with their results. Customers began to come in and I became flustered and forgot to take pictures of the class and their pieces, so in lieu of that, here's my little Shepherd's Bush piece. Heidi is definitely going to be invited back for another performance.