Sunday, March 28, 2010


We have a very large trunk show of hand painted canvases from the clever mind of Carolyn Barrani. Her style is very unusual. Aside from the beautiful floral, she has series of canvases that mimic mosaic tile illustrations, and she has stitched models that will give you the depth of a real mosaic. She also does a lot of canvases in a stained glass format. Please pay special attention to the monogram canvases whereby you can choose the color and the tapestry design in the background. She also has a very quick, easy stitch to deal with the intricate tapestry backgrounds. We have a good selection of 13 and 18 count pieces, so there is something for every set of eyes. These will be on display through Saturday, April 17.

Please come in and visit, as these pictures in no way represent the entire collection.


We are so lucky and proud to be displaying 24 framed pieces from ERICA MICHAEL's silk gauze collection. Most of the quasi kits (chart plus silk gauze and you furnish the thread) are priced at $15. There are two at $18 and one at $20. I can't emphasize enough how beautiful these are. They will be here through Saturday, April 17. Hurry in for the best selection.

To give you an opportunity to try your hand (and your eyes) at doing this, and to get some helpful suggestions from Heidi Curtis, you can sign up for a class on Saturday morning, April 10 at 9:30 AM for $25. No registration is considered to be complete until you have paid for the class. Since I need to prepare little kits for the participants, I would appreciate if you could decide promptly. Please call (978) 486-8330 for any questions that you might have.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Welcome to Corporate Hell Week! At least we have canvases and yarn to make up for all the bureaucratic nonsense. I have had to pay to file my annual report. Then the state and federal filings had to take place. Then, lucky me, I was given the opportunity to pay my corporate excise tax. If that wasn't enough, I was allowed to wallow through endless health insurance plans because my present plan's premium increased by 29%. Of course I chose to do it on line, but couldn't get anyone on the phone to answer my questions!!! To add to the excitement, an installment of my business insurance and workmen's comp gets to be paid.

This is just too much excitement for me! Nonetheless, when I close the store and go home, I'll finish OH MY STARS! I had to stop and graph out signage for the right-hand bottom corner or I could have finished last night. The Big Guy is so excited. I don't know why - because the piece is coming to the store after framing. Maybe he thinks I will stop and clean up my corner of the family room.

We invite you to come in and squeeze the new yarn.

Monday, March 8, 2010


When she came to visit, she dropped off beautiful scissor case canvases from WHIMSY AND GRACE. If that wasn't enough to cause heart palpitations, she also brought needle cases to match.

These are no ordinary scissor cases. Each canvas comes with a beautiful tassel to hook to your scissors.

The show will be here through Saturday, April 17.