Sunday, March 28, 2010


We have a very large trunk show of hand painted canvases from the clever mind of Carolyn Barrani. Her style is very unusual. Aside from the beautiful floral, she has series of canvases that mimic mosaic tile illustrations, and she has stitched models that will give you the depth of a real mosaic. She also does a lot of canvases in a stained glass format. Please pay special attention to the monogram canvases whereby you can choose the color and the tapestry design in the background. She also has a very quick, easy stitch to deal with the intricate tapestry backgrounds. We have a good selection of 13 and 18 count pieces, so there is something for every set of eyes. These will be on display through Saturday, April 17.

Please come in and visit, as these pictures in no way represent the entire collection.

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