Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Be the first to come in and pick out your new DICHROIC GLASS NEEDLEMINDER. These magnets are strong enough for a plethora of needles, and if you opt for the larger magnet in the back, it will take care of your scissors. I, of course, was playing with them, and realized I was missing one on the board. When I went into the office my metallic necklace slammed up against the metal front of the desk drawer. The lost was found. Some days it is clear that I need a keeper! I need to redo that display. It looks like it needs help.

Here's a close up of one of them. My camera really had trouble focusing on it. Now that I look at it, I can see that it picked the surface of the stretcher bar as its focal point, and not the glass button.

Don't forget that you can click on these images to make them BIGGER!

And, if you come soon, there are still Twizzlers and Starbursts left from Saturday night. Apparently someone thought we needed more sugar! YUM!

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