Wednesday, March 21, 2012


We have a small trunk show of Debbie Rowley's pieces. These are counted needlepoint and are very amazing. Please come visit. One of them leaves on April 10, as she needs it for a class that she is teaching, but the remainder will be here at least through the end of April. You will love doing these. The stitches are amazing and I promise that you will get all jazzed up about working on these and will finish them, as they are very compelling.

CLICKY CLICKY CLICKY as you will want to see the detail.


We have a loving pair of pigeons at our building. I know that some of you consider them to be flying rats. I, on the other hand, have read several novels that included glimpses into lives of people who maintained coops and raced their pigeons, and I was fascinated. These two built nests last year under the green canopy that had become torn and afforded them access. The canopy is now gone and they have used some pretty poor judgement and made a nest atop the window frame downstairs.

While these new canvases are not pigeons, they are birds of "another color" . These are for people who raise exotics or who have a soft spot in their hearts for chickens. Don't forget that you can do a clicky to enlarge this image.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MIXING MY METAPHORS - or something!

I earned credits with Flo this afternoon - I tatted some trim for her frog's brassiere. That boobie on the left could probably have used another picot.
We will be making a boa tomorrow of some eyelash yarn. I hope it doesn't overpower my picots. I only make understated picots, apparently.