Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MIXING MY METAPHORS - or something!

I earned credits with Flo this afternoon - I tatted some trim for her frog's brassiere. That boobie on the left could probably have used another picot.
We will be making a boa tomorrow of some eyelash yarn. I hope it doesn't overpower my picots. I only make understated picots, apparently.


  1. This is so inspired! Is it hard to learn tatting? Do you used a shuttle or a needle?

  2. We are shuttle snobs! Once you get past the first class, or maybe class and a half, it is easy. The problem is to get that two-handed-flip-the-knot thing going, and then it's easy. We have a young teacher that is so passionate about it, that it's hard not to get carried away. I think I'll pretty much stick with my knitting and my npt. I can see progress a lot faster.