Thursday, February 28, 2013


I have been home for 2.5 weeks and am just now getting round to working on the BLOG.  I had a little detour to Minnesota before coming home from the California market. My husband took the cat to the vet while I was away and we learned that Jack had some serious dental issues (needed removal of 3 teeth), so they scheduled that so that I would be home to deal with it. The situation deteriorated from there. When they anesthetized him for his dental work, they discovered that his liver/spleen were greatly enlarged. I spent a half a week convinced that Jack had cancer. An ultrasound on Monday showed that he has cyst-like benign tumors, so we are greatly relieved!!! Jack too is very happy now because he is back to having his favorite kibble and not that stinky canned food.

These new canvases reflect our dotage on our pets:
To spread out the shipping, we bought some more:

Give me a jingle (978-486-8330) if you want one of these sent!

More  - tomorrow.