Saturday, March 2, 2013


While I do try to buy sensibly with certain customer's tastes in mind, sometimes I fall off that wagon! I have a current avid interest in Americana images. I can only hope that I find that some of my customers feel the same way.

 This canvas is an adaptation of the work of Warren Kimble, Vermont folk artist. The adaptation is by Cooper Oaks.
This particular piece is one of a series of four pieces representing the four seasons. Don't you just love those house-eating trees?
 Hook, line and sinker on this one, another piece inspired by Mr. Kimble. I'm not sure if it was the Holstein that did me in or the black and white kitty. One of my students is going to get this, but I wanted to share it with you before it went to her house.

These almost made me swoon too! Click on this one to make it larger. If you are interested in any one of them, I do have individual pictures. Please address any questions to me at my email:  twisinc  at  comcast  dot net.

All five are from EWE AND EYE & FRIENDS. The friend who inspired the red house is Anne Tavoletti and the other four pieces are adaptations of the work of Blakely Wilson.

There will be more pictures later. I need to go tend the store.

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  1. love that seasonal piece from Warren Kimble. Think I'll have to order some of his designs for my shop! Thanks for the heads up, Randi--Mary Agnes