Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Stephanie Davidson is our Thursday morning Queen of Silk Ribbon! Here is her completed Sandra Gilmore canvas before it goes to the framer. Isn't it so very special?

Monday, April 15, 2013


While the cover of the book is not a grabber, the interior is the best thing that ever happened to choosing stitches for architectural elements on needlepoint canvas.

STITCH INS & OUTS; Interiors and Exteriors Plus is the newest release from Little Shoppe Canvas Company. It follows their ultra succesful LANDSCAPES  book. It is a small format, spiral bound book that will be easy to toss in your stitch bag. I know not how long it will be until it is released in digital format. Sometimes it is nice to just be able to turn pages and make some pencil marks.



I picked up "RAINFOREST CRUNCH REVISITED", a counted needlepoint design by Kathy Rees of Needle Delights. I am tickled with it. I had started it last fall, and it got filed along with some other WIP at the end of the couch upstairs, below my focal level apparently. All of a sudden it caught my attention and I completed it and PICTURE YOURSELF in Chelmsford center framed it. It is rather unusual with a wood filet that matches the frame. I love it. The Big Guy loves it, but it needs to stay at the store for a while. When the company pays for it, it can't just go skipping home.

After restoring my framing budget, I once again made the trek over to Chelmsford with another piece, only to discover that Roberta had lost her father. I left my flag for her to ponder and call me for the consultation. You had seen this in progress, and I had been vacillating about the blue field...and ended up following the designers suggestion of all the states in our glorious Union ( plus the District of Columbia)being backstitched. While I was working on that area, my son made a night-over at our house on his way to his Army Reserve unit in NH and suggested that I put MA in red. Liking that idea, I also put MN and IL in red because we came from and lived in those states.