Monday, April 15, 2013


I picked up "RAINFOREST CRUNCH REVISITED", a counted needlepoint design by Kathy Rees of Needle Delights. I am tickled with it. I had started it last fall, and it got filed along with some other WIP at the end of the couch upstairs, below my focal level apparently. All of a sudden it caught my attention and I completed it and PICTURE YOURSELF in Chelmsford center framed it. It is rather unusual with a wood filet that matches the frame. I love it. The Big Guy loves it, but it needs to stay at the store for a while. When the company pays for it, it can't just go skipping home.

After restoring my framing budget, I once again made the trek over to Chelmsford with another piece, only to discover that Roberta had lost her father. I left my flag for her to ponder and call me for the consultation. You had seen this in progress, and I had been vacillating about the blue field...and ended up following the designers suggestion of all the states in our glorious Union ( plus the District of Columbia)being backstitched. While I was working on that area, my son made a night-over at our house on his way to his Army Reserve unit in NH and suggested that I put MA in red. Liking that idea, I also put MN and IL in red because we came from and lived in those states.

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  1. Who is the artist of this particular canvas? It's great!