Tuesday, August 27, 2013


This time it is my husband. Yup! The big guy who comes in whenever I ask and does a yeoman's job. Examine the  two pictures. The first shows the canvases he hung and the one below shows what I did.
You will notice that mine are a little helter-skelter, some of them tipping left of center. His look as if he used a plumb bob and a t square. This is why he hangs all the pictures in our house and I stay out of the way!

This also explains why he took 3 hours to ship 7 parcels for me last week when I was in MN tending to my mother.

Sunday, August 25, 2013


This is Susan and she personifies the title of this blog. She makes ENDLESS hats and shawls for a battered women's shelter. One of our customers moved away and in an effort to cull out her projects, left some of the squares for this baby blanket. Susan did more squares and joined them all and it is now on its way to a 2 month old baby. What a loving welcome to our world!

We will always accept yarn contributions, as we have many customers who love to do charity knitting. Please make certain that it is odor and pest free.

I have a new pet project and that is to promote counted cross stitch for children. Several women have started us off with the contribution of a lot of design books. Now we need fibers, fabric, hoops and q snaps to get the project off and running. Please go through your supplies and see if you don't have some things that you will never use and we will find good homes for them.