Tuesday, September 10, 2013


 I should have taken the picture from a closer position. This is a yummy  cotton/rayon with a polyester low-key metallic. I see this as a drapey little shawlette or a scarf. I get the color on the right or maybe the one in the middle.

 This is an amazing little mohair lace yarn with a delicate sparkle. Buy some of these and we can add some more colors. 

I had to get close up and intimate with this so you could see the sparkle. Come in and give it a pet and a pat!

I met a really nice farm girl from Maryland, and this was the result: sock/shawl yarn of wool with bamboo.

 The zoo is now open. This is mink yarn, and it is the closest I will ever be to having a mink coat. If you want to take this across to the bathroom, take your shirt off and wrap this around your torso, believe me - we will understand!

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