Friday, February 28, 2014


I have watched some TV shows on HGTV wherein realtors take people about to tropical islands which the people then actually buy to have their own islands! In our BUY YOURSELF A COUNTRY program, you may buy a state, or a city or a country for a whole lot less. 

These designs are 5 by 5 on 18 count mono canvas and are all $60.  Our trunk show discount structure ascends, dependent on the number of pieces that you buy.
Don't forget to click on the pictures. Feel free to call and ask about others that might interest you. That would be 978-486-8330 during business hours (East Coast).

Thursday, February 27, 2014

RUSH FOR DENISE - short time show!

That would be RUSH for DENISE DeRUSHA! Better? I've never met her, but she must have an amazing sense of humor as evidenced by some of these canvases. Please click on each to enlarge.

The 12 pieces on the right are the monthly FEET PEOPLE. I'd have them finished as standups with more feet underneath. The alternative would be to have them mounted for framing; have one frame and swap out the images for each month.

The frame opening at the top needs to coincide with the waist of the feet people. The images are all about 4.75 inches on a side
and the price point is $55. 

The PARTY PETS are a hoot! If you here in person, you might hear them described as PAHRTY PETS! The bunny eating the chocolate bunny might give someone momentary pause, but not us!

These cuties are on 18 count mono canvas, as are all the other pieces here from her.  These designs all measure 5 inches on a side and are $66.00

I'm not really into Cinco de Mayo, but I know that many of you adore this theme. The 6 pieces in this series are the same size and price as the Party Animals.

Tomorrow I'll do another selection from Denise's collection. These are only here through March 15 - a 2 weeker! If you can't get in, please call during business hours and we can hide things away for you, or mail them. Customer's choice!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Are you ready for the season of weddings and babies and the need for announcements?

If not an announcement, a great gift would be this line-drawn canvas and stitch guide that finishes into a picture frame.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


These are CANVAS WEIGHTS. When two hands are not enough to hold the mounted canvas, hold the laying tool and control those pesky strands in your needle AND you have no frame stand nor lap stand, you park your canvas on a table so the area where you wish to stitch is protruding. You put the CANVAS WEIGHT on the part of the canvas that is on the table, and your work will be held for you while you lay those perfect stitches. How can this be? These canvases finish to three dimensions and get stuffed with shot or pennies to make them heavy.
We have geometrics, pets and quasi-people - whatever suits your mood. All canvases were chosen to have areas for fun stitches.

Monday, February 10, 2014


 I had requested a mini-trunk show of angels. When I saw that the box weighed 15 lbs, I knew her definition of mini was far different from mine.

The top picture with 6 angels depicts her typical city angels. You should be awed with the amount of research she has to do to create these plus the amount of detail that she can achieve in this small space. 

Plumb Bob Lynn came in and hung what you see in the second picture. That doesn't even represent half of the angels who came to visit. Not only does my husband square them all up, he coordinates the colors
of pins used to secure them. Yes, OCD!

We have an ascending discount on the purchase of these pieces. The show is here through March 8.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


This is the fastest little needlepoint gift item that you can find! These are pre-finished ultra suede bookmarks with a hand painted insert. When you are finished, you stitch it closed. If you don't have a machine, you can just walk into the tailor shop just down the street and she'll close it up for you. These make great teacher gifts, or gifts for anyone who still revels in holding a real book. 

The other brilliant idea from Mrs. Brinkley is the soft leather thimble. All of a sudden I have had people asking for thimbles. I thought perhaps my mother  had raised a whole lot of children of whom I was not aware. She is a thimble wearer. My grandmother insisted that she be, and she is. Then it skipped a generation. Truly, I am not giving you the finger...and I am not left handed. I couldn't take the picture holding the camera in my other hand. I might even wear these. You certainly won't get a sweaty finger from them.


Not only are they made in the USA, they are WELL MADE, and those ladies are swift in getting those show orders out to the shops. In addition to the 18 inch triple pocket and the 11 by 14 inch triple pocket ones that we have been sporting, we have some new styles that are ever so cunning.

These vibrant purple and green beauties are called the small train cases. They are 7.5 by 5 and 3 inches deep and are so cute! Nice for tools or threads, or dps. 

These handled duffel purses are 7 by 10 inches and are great for ball games as the security folks can see right into them to find your sock yarn...or WHATEVER!

Pictured above are the 8.5 by 9.5 clutches with two zipped areas.

I saved my favorites for last. These are called the large cosmetic packs, but you know that these will contain stitchy/knitty treasures. The center area is 3.5 by 10 inches with a depth of 6.25 inches, and a outside pocket protrudes along each long side.