Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Not only are they made in the USA, they are WELL MADE, and those ladies are swift in getting those show orders out to the shops. In addition to the 18 inch triple pocket and the 11 by 14 inch triple pocket ones that we have been sporting, we have some new styles that are ever so cunning.

These vibrant purple and green beauties are called the small train cases. They are 7.5 by 5 and 3 inches deep and are so cute! Nice for tools or threads, or dps. 

These handled duffel purses are 7 by 10 inches and are great for ball games as the security folks can see right into them to find your sock yarn...or WHATEVER!

Pictured above are the 8.5 by 9.5 clutches with two zipped areas.

I saved my favorites for last. These are called the large cosmetic packs, but you know that these will contain stitchy/knitty treasures. The center area is 3.5 by 10 inches with a depth of 6.25 inches, and a outside pocket protrudes along each long side.

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