Monday, March 17, 2014

NEEDLE CROSSINGS Trunk Show - Our Special Friends

This trunk show is from Needles Crossings of Cape May, NJ. Not only is she an animal lover, as you will see when you come to survey the collection that she sent, she shows off that of which Cape May is proud: beaches and Victorian houses.

We have a lot of  kitties, all STITCH-PAINTED, as are ALL her canvases, on 13 and 18 count mono canvas. If it is on 13, but you wish to have 18 count or vice versa, please let us know. The kitties on 13 are $72 and the ones on 18 are $56. Many of these are cats that she has loved and cared for.

This would be a loving tribute to your veterinarian. It is on 18 count  and is $130.
It measures just over 5 by 17 inches. 

The "Duck Walk" is on 13 count and is $88.

Look who is waiting for Santa!
They are both on 13 count and are $40. They measure 3 inches in diameter.

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