Wednesday, September 17, 2014


 FURR/FUZZ/FUNN from Planet Earth. Cards hold 25 yds. of a wool/silk blend. 1-2 ply on 18 count and 2-3 on 13/14. We bought 14 animal colors.
I had a special side trip to Access Commodities and hand selected these silk wrapped purls with matching silk couching threads. YUM!
Oh, yes, we'll have to add colors. Come take a class with me and I'll show you fun things you can do with these. Please click to enlarge.


Canvas from THE WORLD IN STITCHES, and designed by Kathy Schenkel. 

The thread used was Pepper Pot silk in a nobuko stitch for the ground and Rhodes circles. Shading between the popsicles was a diagonal satin with one row of tent stitch.

The finisher put a darling polka dot ribbon around the edge. Please feel free to click on the pictures to enlarge them.

This was a very fast project.  

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

J. Child Designs TRUNK SHOW

The J CHILD DESIGNS show is characterized by some  surprising prices on needlepoint canvases. In addition to which, we have an ascending discount, based on the number of pieces that you purchase.  If you cannot physically visit the store to participate, you can view her website and then call in your order during the business day. ( NO STORE HOURS THIS SATURDAY - It's a case of you can't get here from there due to the parade downtown celebrating Littleton's 300th year.) You can also email your order and contact information.

There is a large selection of bookmarks, baby sleeping signs, 4 by 4 quickies, and more as you can see by the images that follow. Remember to click to enlarge.

This show will come down on the afternoon of Sept. 27. Please shop early for the best selection.