Saturday, November 29, 2014

New colors and patterns from JOJOLAND

 I sold through on the colors of the cowl model, so I reordered those and added a new pair of colors, which didn't photograph very well. They contain blue, teal, rose and purple! 

 Then, because I had looked at the three patterns we had purchased and wanted more stimulation (was bored), I bought some new patterns, also.
On the left is a simple lace pattern for a scarf, called TEAL FOREST. You could be a smarty pants and do a provisional cast on and later join the two ends for an infinity scarf or cowl. As shown, 2 balls will create fabric that is 9 by 56 inches.

 I love this one! I think my middle name should have been MITER! As shown, you can use 4 balls of one color, or 6 balls if you are using two different colors. I'm going to do this, as soon as I finish my secret project! You know it will be autumn colors!

This is another easy lace pattern that takes only two balls. The project yield will be 7 by 53 inches.

I would never name a pattern DUCKWEED. That is the little plant that proliferates in ponds when there is a high level of phosphates present. Nonetheless, I couldn't resist the texture created in this scarf design. Again, it is a 2 ball project and will result in a scarf that measures 8 by 50.

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