Friday, November 14, 2014


This was a teaching project for this designer, and now it will be released to us for retail sales in January. You will have three options:

1. Buy the booklet
2. Participate in a stitch-a-long, available only to people who know what they are doing and are joining the group to share the needlework love, and to have a glass of wine, coffee, tea and a cookie or two. Will meet every other week to encourage progress. This is not a teaching situation, but is a social one. Small fee will be incurred.
3. Class situation - class will meet weekly and you will pay standard weekend class rates. This will be a guided, teaching situation.

I don't know the size of this piece yet, nor how many techniques are included, but the piece looked like none of us will be bored with it. Doing the piece will have nominal expense. Materials will be stretcher bars, Congress cloth and three weights of perle cotton. Start thinking about whether you want white or eggshell. I'm going to glitz mine up with a little gold metallic on my ecru.

You will want to email me about your druthers:  twisinc  at comcast  dot  net

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  1. How do I get the booklet to this. It is absolutely gorgeous. I love light play on stitches. Non stitchers will look at my white on white and ask why I didn't use a color that would be better seen. Lol. I guess you have to be a stitcher to see what a stitcher see's.