Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Shawl for Spring?

How does wool, alpaca and silk in a fingering weight sound?

Our sock reinforcing yarn supplier  no longer can support our needs. Therefore we have a new vendor with a wonderful little dispenser. I wonder how long before I will order more colors. We still have red, navy and green on cards.

I also received a hand-dyed alpaca in fine sport weight, but I failed to take a picture.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


 I see fabulous creations weekly from the customer base, and I chronically forget to document these awesome works. I'm showing you Mary's fabulous Highland Duo jacket that two other people also made, then there are three shots of Ellie's little stand-up blue Santa, two tote ornaments from Jean, the DOG MOM pillow from Cheryl...who also did the amazing Swar. crystal bedecked tree top star. The next is Howard's scarf crocheted with a beautiful SW wool. I am sneaking in at the end with my framed apples.


SURPRISE! There is another trunk show, this from an old favorite, ARTISTS COLLECTION. AC represents quite a group of needlepoint artists, but I have asked them to only send our favorites: Mile High Princess and Pat Thode's Heartstrings. The thing that you seem to like best is that all of the Heartstring canvases come with a stitch guide at no additional charge. Some of the MHP canvases have guides, but you will only be charged at a wholesale rate for them. There is an increasing discount strata on pieces from this show. 

I haven't yet received the models, so I brought the flag from home to help you see how clever Pat's stitch guides are. Lynn hung the show for me on Tuesday and was anxious to know when I would bring "his" flag back home. 

Feast your eyes!


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Arrival of the MEGAS

Beautiful, soft, speedy merino! We have five colors of this lovely ultra bulky in 200 gram, 82 yard pull-skeins. They say 2 stitches per inch on a fifteen needle.  I see a quickie cowl in your future!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


and it is present in the current Needle Deeva trunk show.  Halloween is present in a BIG way, as is Christmas. She has a wonderful spring chick and bunny assortment and all season carrots. I have a current fascination with all of her contemporary women. The Judaic representation is small, but there is a dynamite contemporary Menorah. Some of the pieces have stitch guides at an additional charge. We are selling the stitch guides at wholesale prices to encourage you to try something new.

This is the largest trunk show that I have ever handled. The box weighed 45 pounds and the invoice was 29 pages long. It was so big that I had to have my husband, Plumb Bob Lynn, come in to hang it up. I'm posting pictures of the display on the walls of our front room, and there is that much additional merchandise elsewhere in the store. We just did not have the wall space to accommodate it all.

The show will be here through Oct. 24 for your enjoyment. If you are not here locally, please peruse her website,, and call me for particulars. We are closed Sunday and Monday but I am on site Tues. - Saturday from 10 AM to 5 PM Eastern time. ( 978-486-8330)

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Four whirligigs arrived this morning. Please call the shop for information, as I only took a picture and left. I am on my way to central MA on a family fun assignment. My son and his fiancée have asked us to come and help with a property evaluation. It's an antique and I might have to work on some period samplers...or a whirligig! Susan is working today and can give you prices and measurements.

Thursday, June 11, 2015


This show consists of the work of a new designer to the needlepoint market place that I can only describe as far more casual than anything we have ever had in TWIS. It's so casual that I would almost call it LAKE DESIGNS. I'm really tickled with it and I will refrain from cherry picking the show until you have had a chance to come in and grab what you want. I can always reorder!

You need to come in a hasty fashion as we only have this for the next two weekends plus a couple of days. You need to be here before June 24. Take a look and start thinking about who gets gifts of these, or will you be a selfish-Randi and put them on your own couch?