Saturday, January 17, 2015


FEAST YOUR EYES! Sorry that the colors are on the pegs three deep. This first wave was a single skein of ALL colors, called a designer assortment. As you can probably guess, all the extra pegboard hooks are in use. Now I will submit an order for deeper inventory in some of the colors, we'll get more hooks and we can spread these out somewhat. You much come in an feel how luxurious this feels. You will use 2 strands on 18 count canvas. Be sure to click on my pictures to enlarge them.


You would never know this was a polyester if you didn't read the label and I could keep my mouth shut! This is a bulky yarn with striping color. 3.5 stitches per inch on a 9 makes it a hearty bulky with 100 yards per skein for $8.50. I bought 4 colors and here they are:


My souvenir for the trade show was a cold in my chest and it looks as though survival is a sure thing. It seems to be starting to irritate the big guy because he asked if I couldn't go purchase something to decrease the coughing. Tried to explain that I was taking something to thin the stuff so I could get it out of my chest and prevent pneumonia. His eyes had already glazed over. This is a man who is seldom sick, and thinks that there is a magic pill for everything!

Here are some glimpses of canvases that came back with me.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


 This trunk show is here until Thursday, Jan. 29th. While I will be in Phoenix at the TNNA show tomorrow until next Tuesday, the 12th, please feel free to call the store if you want something held or shipped. The hours at the shop the rest of the week are 10 - 5 Eastern and the phone is:
(978) 485-8330. 

There were 80 pieces , but I have absconded with the eagle and the red, white and blue Christmas tree. A customer helped me unpack it, and of course she chose something.

If you buy one, it is $50. If you buy two, they are both $45. If you buy three or more, they are all $40.

Let's WALLOW in this!

This is so scrumptuous that you will wrap this right against your skin! You'd probably swear that it was cashmere, but it is NOT!
This is half alpaca and half merino in 197 yard skeins. If you want lots of it wrapped around your neck, buy two; otherwise one will do! Gauge of 4.5 per inch. YUM!


We shop owners tried to keep our fingers in all the pies in our industries. Some people only have to pay attention to knitting. Thanks to my boundless interest in too many things, I get to pay attention to the yarn industry, the needlepoint AND the counted thread. Since I do have to sleep sometimes, I am so grateful when my customers draw my attention to new product that I have missed.

Thank you, Linda T, for turning me on to this new enterprise. They have thread organizers, needle magnets and needle gauges. If you want first dibs, come and get these. If you go to RETROMANTIC FRIPPERIES site on the web, you may let me know what else you might want, as I will see them in Phoenix this weekend.

Friday, January 2, 2015


I'll be picking some up and shipping the rest. Please let me know which one (both works too) you want. Please email your order to me. The address is over on the left side of this page.


I picked up my mail and found this postcard. I hurried back to the office and immediately emailed an order for this canvas. I know they are barely up in California, or perhaps are not working until next week. I don't care.
I would eat oatmeal for a week in order to have this canvas for sale in my store!