Thursday, March 12, 2015


Some days I just can't "get it together". I'm blaming it on two of my customers. They are both younger than I am and one retired two weeks ago and the other is embarking on that program next month. I want to stay home and knit and stitch.

I just spent nearly a week with my mother and my sister joined us for the weekend. I had an EARLY flight and was there by 10AM, having had a really good tail wind. Mom and I went directly to the mall. My sister was celebrating her 69th birthday on Sunday and so we took this picture so we could tell her that we had planned on getting this for her, but they didn't have her size. (Trust me, the pictures get even better!)
We went out for lunch with my father's first cousin who is a real pistol! This is how 100 years of age can look:

 As you probably know, my mother lives in an independent living situation...and still drives a car. She has underground heated parking, and this scene greeted us all weekend when we went out. It seems that everyone is getting elevated seating:

I have lots more to say, but as you can see, it is becoming less appropriate. Maybe I can do better tomorrow. We have a lot of new canvases and yarns.

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