Friday, July 22, 2016


These are awesome! They are actual rabbit skin stitched into a pompom for use atop your hat. They have an elastic loop on the back. You sew a permanent button atop your hat, and then hook your pompom onto the button. Then you can easily remove it when you need to launder the hat.

David and Liz leave on their honeymoon on Sunday and their two kitties are coming to Grandma Nelson's house. I plan on taking one of the pompoms home to see if it makes a good cat toy. They are $8.75 each and I have four colors.

In addition, we have wee white acrylic pompoms for sewing onto rabbit sweaters and hats as bunny butts. These are only $0.60. 

I am holding everything cradled in my hand so that you can see the relative size.


That probably sounded better than "Chicken Dinner". Don't forget that I grew up on a dairy farm where pretty much everything was edible.

This charmer is from Patt Large of Pajamas and Chocolate and is $189.00. She is stitch painted on 18 count mono canvas and the design size is 10.75 by 9 inches.

I have chicken needleminders too, just in case!


Wednesday, July 20, 2016


I have a special treat for the cross stitch contingent! Patti of SamSarah has put several designs on the black click totes and the little black zippered bags and we have the totes and the zips from Walker Bags. Walker bags are proudly made in the USA!


There is nothing like a beautiful bride. Note her jubilation in the second picture!

 This was certainly a wonderful reason to
gather. My mother came from MN, my sister from IL, sister-in-law from CT, nephews from CT and NV. David had friends from Concord Carlisle HS, his military friends, and because both Liz and Dave graduated from U of ME, there was a flood of friends from there.

Liz's mother is one of five sisters, all of whom were there with their familes, and her father's two brothers and their families attended. We had TX, GA, SC, KS, and CT contingents.

I have lots more pictures to share if you want to stop in.

It was exciting and we were exhausted.
I think I have recovered now.  

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I have been home for a week..

and I still have a mess. Needlepoint, knitting kits and interchangeable circular needle kits!

Come see the inexpensive project bags. $25 each!!!

I DID! I declared no more ornaments!

Despite that, I fell victim to a hormonal rush for my new grandpuppy and a new baby coming to my friend Theresa of Homestead Needlearts in MI!

Therefore I was HELPLESS
at market when I saw these!
The bottom two are on 13 M for those of us who have trouble finding the right hole, unless we have all of our stitchy-aids! $46 each. Call and let me know your druthers. T won't let you have her puppy, so you'll have to settle for one of these.


Since the Big Guy doesn't want to go through a puppy experience, I think I will make a flock of these!

Monday, June 6, 2016


This is Bear, a native of Romania. He was 6 months old on Friday and has been here for 2 weeks. He lives with David and Liz in S. Hadley. He has a feline brother, Dash and a feline sister, Aria. Both cats have let him know his place in life and everyone seems to be getting along fine, now.

Aria is sitting in the cat trap!


We are having a two week sale on the pictured canvases, the spinner of Americana counted cross stitch designs and any yarns that are red, white or navy blue. The sale ends Saturday, June 18. Here are your visuals:


All four canvases are from PATTY PAINTS. This first one is called simply SHIP & SHORE and is so wonderfully New England!
It is hp on 18 count canvas and is approximately 11 by 9, a nice pillow size.
This highly detailed canvas is $150.

This is the STAR FLOWER FLAG, hand painted on 13 count. All of her pieces are stitch painted and her price points are fabulous. This one is $104.

This little tooth fairy pillow or box is 6 by 6 on 18 count canvas. It is $80.

The POLKA DOT JUNGLE SAMPLER could be used as a birth announcement, a tooth fairy pillow or just a fun framed piece for a youngster's room. It measures 10 by 8 and is on 13 count canvas and sells for $92.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Progress on my monster

I suppose saying that I have a long way to go is an understatement! Obelesques are decidedly boring to stitch, but that one is only two colors, and I at least know where those two colors are in my box. Next week I will show you my box of threads and why knowing where those two colors are is a blessing.

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Mary Ann's canvases...

for her twin granddaughters:

There are other, unpromised pieces that you might consider:

Sweet donkey and friend from Nenah Stone.

"Temptation", again from Nenah.

One of three new socks for the budget-minded!

PETEI ornaments!
Ornaments for the budget-minded!


I had kind of a nervous night last night after hearing of the downed Egyptian airliner. When you have a family member traveling there, a bit of anxiety sets in. My son David is returning this afternoon from Romania where he had a short work assignment at a NATO base. In any event, he was there long enough to fall in love with a local, who is flying to the US this afternoon on a separate flight.  The one with the large ears is BEAR.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Randi's Secret Vice

It's a secret no more! I'm publishing progress on a long term project from which I will need to take some breaks as it is very intense. It is so intense that if I work on it after dinner for a while, I go to bed exhausted. Actually, I am starting to get used to it and it is not nearly as bad as when I first started it. This is a counted cross stitch kit from Thea Gouverneur and it is "ROME". We will start a pool for when people think I might finish it. (Just kidding!) Next week I will post a picture of how the finished piece will look.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

PETEI trunk show

This box just arrived and thought that this was a wonderful surprise and a coincidence. This could have been a wonderful bonus for those who came to the PETEI TRUNK SHOW. Buy a canvas, and have a glass of wine. Buy two canvases and ....

I opened the box and it was stock-up knitting yarn that I had ordered. Yikes!

 Click to enlarge. Call me to reserve at (978) 486-8330. 
The first one is full price; buy 2 and they are both 10% off.
Buy three and they are 15% off. Buy four and they are 20% off.
Buy 5 or more and we'll make a cup of something in the Keurig and give you a frozen gingersnap to dip.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I have raised my nose off the grindstone and am waving for your attention. I don't know where the time went that I have not posted on the blog for well over a month. March was good and April is even more exciting. We have a new yarn for you to explore and A LOT OF NEEDLEPOINT CANVASES.

While I do try to parse out the delivery of canvases so they do not all come at the same time, I am just fooling myself that they will come when designated. Most of the designers use one painting service in the Phillipines. They wait until after the January market to place their orders so that they can be more accurate in their inventory levels. That means that all the canvases arrive at all the designers at the same time. That also meant that product that we thought would come in March has arrived in April, right along with the canvases that were ordered for April. I will do some today and more on Friday.

We had taken delivery of the solid colors of this alpaca/linen/tencel blend, LINAZA, in February, and now we have the four hand dyeds. Who knew that alpaca was going to emerge as a four season yarn?!?

I had picked up four wee canvases that each held one of the motives from this canvas, but I couldn't stop there! Someone will love to turn this Nouveau piece of art into a smashing pillow. It is stitch painted on 18 count canvas and the design is about 9 inches on a side, so you may want to make a pillow with an inset. Alternatively, our framer could turn this into a spectacular serving tray. $185

This spectacular wreath, stitch painted on 18 count mono canvas, is from Melissa Prince. If I had a foyer in my condo, I would keep this up year round. Actually, you pretty much step into the dining room and we have npt. on either side of a natural pine cone wreath that step-daughter Debbie gave us years ago that we might have to retire one of these years. I could make room for this beauty.
Don't you just love the chickadees? You can order one with robins, if you'd rather. It is 13 inches in diameter. $160

 Forgive me but I have a lemon fixation!
Lemon pie, lemon bars, lemonade with gin and now this canvas! 18 count with stitch painting from JP (Juli Poitras), this piece is 14 inches on a side and has extraordinary detail. Make sure that you click on this one. $265