Friday, January 29, 2016

This is maybe better than a NOAH'S ARK

 "All creatures great and small..."
Barbara Ana for counted cross stitch

You know that for me, Christmas is NEVER over! "Joyeux Noel (Merry Christmas)"
for counted cross stitch by Jardin Prive'

Monday, January 25, 2016


to come over to the store and hang up new needlepoint canvases, so I arbitrarily stuck some up on the wall and dropped a couple on the floor.  Because I never met an animal that I didn't like (that includes Samantha, the boa at the first school where I taught), and because I love to travel, I picked out some cute needlepoint canvases to try to get your attention causing you to run over to shop. (I sold the top rabbit on Saturday.)


Welcome to the eight new colors of the KLANGWELTEN OPAL COLLECTION! This translates to the Soundscape Collection.

Who wants to be first in line tomorrow?


ALPACA SOX! Where have you been all my life????????
Two people in the Tuesday night knitting class have already embarked on  LEFTIE by Martina Behm. This may be seen on Ravelry and here is the whole Martina collection:

If you are not a  Ravelry member, sign up, as it is worth it. I am a pattern seller and you may make arrangements with me to buy patterns on Ravelry and I send them right to your email address.

I already had a different pattern in my collection by her.  It is "Endless Rainbow". 

Comparing the two patterns:
Leftie is to Endless Rainbow as an Outie is to an Inie!
That will make you look!!

Don't get scared off by a fingering weight yarn. You are not using a #0 or #1 in these shawls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are missing a mid-range grey, but it it doesn't come soon, I am absconding with the red, charcoal and that dark red multi. I have a fixation on "Exit 0" by Aylor.