Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Let's BAG IT!

I discovered these beautiful Thai bags at the San Diego market and they are finally here! The small bags are made of silk and I have 5 jewel tones: purple, silver-grey, navy, hunter green and rusty red. I have singles of each except for the rusty red because...O, never mind. You know why!

 A 9 by 9 stretcher-barred needlepoint ornament will fit inside. For those with a knitterly approach, a 100 gram worsted weight skein easily fits, or two 100 gram sock yarns, with room to spare. Don't you just love the little yoyos on the front? There is a 5 inch zippered internal pocket. $22 each!

Now - let's talk about serious bags for needlework:

These are cotton and lined with interior zipper. These are the small duffle totes and I have purple and navy/turquoise. $38

NOW - WE ARE GOING SOMEWHERE! Either use these two for large project or overnight bags. If you pack wisely, it could be a three-night-bag. I have navy/turq. and (heart palpitations) RUST!  $42
(r)Black on the bottom!

(l) gusset



Four colors of this beautiful superwash merino wool / bamboo blend have arrived in a sport to dk weight range. There are 290 yards in a ball. I can't wait to see what you make with these!

Friday, February 5, 2016

NEW - Easy knitted shawl class with a twist

Imagine a class where you can complete a shawl in one class session and learn to create this beautiful border, albeit a doll shawl. To counted thread and needlepoint people, the border looks like half of an Algerian eyelet!  Reserve your spot on Saturday, February 27 in the class that meets from 12:30 to 2:30 PM. 
Bring from home: one ball of yarn, appropriate needle for it, 2 stitch markers, a sz 2-3 long circular needle, and $36 for your choice of color for the construction of the human-sized shawl. If you need that size 2 or 3 needle, let me know well in advance of class so that we have a sufficient supply. A $20 class fee is required for registration.

Appropriate yarn for doll shawl:
A. DK wool yarn and a size 6 needle
B. Worsted wool and a 7 or 8 needle, depending on how heavy your worsted weight is. 


Take one down and pass it around...

Click on this one with the adorable little girl in the cardigan! You'll need 7, not just one of these worsted weight superwash wools! 

NEW SPORT WEIGHT - 50% alpaca, 25% linen and 25% tencel. I am not usually driven to use superlatives, but this one puts me right over the edge. 440 yards for $16.50. Six colors here now and four multis that are yet to come ( and will cost a bit more). 
That's not all!  22 bags of Encore worsted, some Encore Chunky and TWO NEW COLORS OF MUSHISHI. 

Can you stand it? Snowstorm be damned! 10% off the new stuff TODAY (Friday) only!