Wednesday, July 20, 2016


There is nothing like a beautiful bride. Note her jubilation in the second picture!

 This was certainly a wonderful reason to
gather. My mother came from MN, my sister from IL, sister-in-law from CT, nephews from CT and NV. David had friends from Concord Carlisle HS, his military friends, and because both Liz and Dave graduated from U of ME, there was a flood of friends from there.

Liz's mother is one of five sisters, all of whom were there with their familes, and her father's two brothers and their families attended. We had TX, GA, SC, KS, and CT contingents.

I have lots more pictures to share if you want to stop in.

It was exciting and we were exhausted.
I think I have recovered now.  

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  1. It was so chic wedding!! I had brilliant time watching the photos. We are also trying the knot soon so finding a chic location for the day. We looked some wedding venues NYC and all of these are fantastic so having hard time in finalizing one of those. Hoping to make a good decision.